Having a robust backyard habitat means attracting and keeping a variety of residents that enhance their environment while minimizing those that hurt it. One way to do this is by having a resident…. Toad! Little known fact… a single toad consumes 1000s of bugs a year while having absolutely no interest in any of your plants!  They also love the slugs, worms, and other crawlers that love to snack on the leaves and fruits that you work so hard to grow. You want to provide your resident toad with a safe living space (like the one you can get in our store!). These small shelters give toads a safe place to hide away from predators as well as the heat and the sun.  A healthy toad can live up to 10 years in your garden and become one of the best tenants you could ever have! 

Best practices are to have your toad house placed by late spring or early summer. After migrating to local ponds, bogs, marshes, or streams to mate early on, toads will head out to surrounding areas in search of insects while also looking for places to burrow for the winter. Position your toad house in a shady area of your garden or backyard habitat where there is a nearby source of daily moisture.  A downspout, landscape pond, or rain runoff is more than enough moisture for a toad. In the absence of a consistent water source, a small saucer or plate of water will be fine, if you ensure that it is consistently filled. Make sure the entrance is large enough for a toad but small enough to predators out. To make sure your new resident is comfy, toss a handful of leaves inside for them to use as bedding.  If you’re making your own, go crazy and have fun with decorations. Best case scenario you have a hardy toad move in that protects your garden for years. Worst case scenario you have a conversation piece in your garden and a fun afternoon spent with your family! 

Toads are a great addition to any backyard habitat and a toad house is a great way to entice one to visit and stay. Having a variety of garden defenders is a great way to keep your backyard habitat robust and healthy year-round. Check out our store for toad houses and a variety of other structures to house your garden’s front line! 

- Scott